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In the name of... - Prologue

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Dec. 21st, 2010 | 10:12 pm
posted by: javaleen in originalit

First public quote (December the 1st  2305)
   ‹It has ended in the simple conclusion that, ignoring the individual particularities of each of us, we can be simply be shared in three social categories, according to our simple main intellectual and sensible traits, and I shall take the freedom of simply naming them as I wish, without any connection to any previous uses of the names, in order to make this observation notice as understandable as possible.
    The differences, as I already mentioned, are not based on color, gender, religion, education, orientation, or any other ways to categorize people as we speak for now… Of course, as I’ll mention accordingly, the categories that follow can be influenced in a certain amount by the freedom given to the children and teenagers to evolve in their own unique directions. Of course that a child forced at young age to get over their feelings, or education maybe, by any meanings imaginable, might pass at a category that he or she is not fit for. The child will live on, but his or her life will be miserable as he or she will grow older…
    Also, severe events in a developing person’s life can as well generate a leap between his or her original class and another.
As short as I can, I shall develop the main three classes that are far better described in the following chapters, so that the new terms will not create any confusion when they will be encountered in the text.
   Animas are what we know as common people, with simple and happy lives centered on their families, friends and own-good. They are more likely mesmerized by shows, noise, scandals, which gives them the right chimera to get their attention away from closer problems of their own. They are more likely to provide food and shelter to their children and, at some time, consider this is the most they can offer. You can meet them on the street, in flashy clubs and in crowds that score catfights.
    Humanes are what one would call ‘sentimentalists’. They are the kind of people that will pay attention to whatever happens around them and act accordingly.  They are the kind of people named by the saying ‘can’t see the forest because of the trees’. Of course they will eventually see the forest, but all way long, it’s the trees that matter. You can meet them most likely in jobs that require helping in any way possible, even though, that’s not a rule. Most of them are more likely to believe in the Divinity as well.
   Strentes are what one would call ‘eagles’ or ‘vultures’. I would call them over-viewers. They are the most capable of all classes to detach themselves from the problems they have to deal with and see the main picture. ‘See the forest but not the trees’, to be more precise. They are less likely to get attached to anyone or anything, even if they usually posses a large variety of things, being able to wield business with great agility and a certain capacity of over-viewing. Also, most of them tend to be quite eccentric even as they grow older and older. All of them love information and try to bring their own contributions to domains they like more, each in their own power.

    Of course, as I will probably mention again in the following chapters, Biology, Psychology, Sociology and the other connected sciences are NOT exact sciences. These are the sciences in which, if I’m allowed to quote a dear teacher of mine, ‘one plus one never equal two’…›

   Sigma closed the little agenda and sighed, staring at the old oak outside…


I support comments and critics so go ahead! ^^

Story and art (c) JavaLeen (a.k.a. me) so don't dare steal!

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: Dec. 26th, 2010 05:52 pm (UTC)

hehe found you,so pana la urma unde il pui? and get yourself a beta reader if you reallya re serious about it, si nu ma refer la micile scaparti cel putin un to in loc de of cred ca am vazut acolo, si ma refer ca daca mai gasesti pe cineva care sa te tina pe tema poate reusesti sa termini si tu cu asta si sa nu mai ramai blocata inca 9 ani tot pe asta

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(no subject)

from: javaleen
date: Dec. 27th, 2010 01:25 pm (UTC)

damn... chiar am crezut ca am finisat textuletul asta... unde-i scaparea aia?

umm... yeah, I guess...

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