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*closes eyes and pulls a random scene from her current WIP*

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Feb. 5th, 2011 | 11:28 am
posted by: waterwidget in originalit

Caution, ideologically sensitive (it's a story of a man being forced out of the closet by an exboyfriend)

It was exceptionally early when the cabinet gathered. The component people were still trying to wake up when they arrived, most with caffeinated beverages in hand. Alexander watched his energy secretary carefully for any signs that he knew about the exposé made regarding him in the National Star, a tabloid known for being obnoxious and outlandish. A man was claiming to have been Phillip Toller's homosexual lover. If it were true, it would not be very surprising to Alexander.
Little things over the years Alexander had known the former professor and Physicist well had begun to add up when he had happened to be at a D.C. eatery and noticed Phil across the room. Phil had a guest with him at the time. It was Seren, that obnoxious singer the saurines had sent to reach out to the population of the United States. Alexander had turned away return to his conversation with Dulce and happened to see what had appeared to be a tender gesture on Phil's part. Phil had held Seren's hand across the table, not briefly either.
Those who knew Alexander best all realized he was observant, but few realized that he often saw much, much more than he spoke up about. He had kept what he had seen between himself and Dulce, they had both filed it away as an interesting tidbit.
Phil was sketching idly on his white legal pad now, and Saurine ears and a face were beginning to take shape. The door opened once more, admitting Press Secretary Aaron Whalin. He came into the room, harried and carrying a fair number of papers and folders. Alexander turned back toward the window, acting as though he had been taking a momentary pause from gazing out of the window at the scenery.
"Okay, if I get one more call about that tabloid article, I'll scream, and probably start kicking people," Aaron sighed.
"Address the issue with whom it may concern. Also, show him the article," Alexander sighed, still staring out of the window. "I doubt he has a clue that it's been published."
The cabinet members looked up, startled. All eyes fixed on Alexander. He shrugged, knowing that eyes were on him.
"Phil, someone, maybe an old enemy of yours either paid this guy to lie about you, or is this guy and is trying to get people to think badly of you," Aaron gave Phil the tabloid.
Phil looked the cover over. The main article was titled 'Member of the Bassett Cabinet, GAY?' Phil opened the magazine and paged through. He found the article and saw Will Wright, his ex-boyfriend, pictured there. There were also photos of the pair holding hands.
"I didn't think William would EVER stoop this low," Phil said after several minutes of stunned silence.
Phil's eyes burned with poorly contained tears. To think he had once been in love with this cretin. A hand came to rest on his shoulder and he sniffed.
"Don't react the way he wants you to react, Phil. You don't want him to win this battle," Alexander said, squeezing gently.
"The problem is, none of this is lies, none of the pictures are fake!"
"I know, Phil. This was a confirmation of something I've suspected almost as long as I've known you. I didn't care about it when I asked you to sit in the cabinet because it has been proven time and time again to me that sexuality has no bearing on skill with a person's work," Alexander said. "You can't let him win this one. He's already hurt you once, I'll bet."
"More than once," Phil said, taking a tissue from the box that Education Secretary Karen Waters offered him. "What would you suggest I do?"

this scene is also a half-scene.

It's also a powerful moment of self-improvement for him, and it sparks a scene that changes his life dramatically.

He continues serving in President Bassett's cabinet, too.

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