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Aug. 1st, 2010 | 02:50 pm
posted by: annabelle_lee4 in originalit

LJ username: annabelle_lee4

Writing journal(s)/websites: Annabelle Lee's writing Journal

Call me: Annabelle, or any version/nickname thereof

Current project(s): A Friend for the Ocean, a historical alternate universe short story: A prince.  An assassin.  A mysterious visitor.  Keep your friends close and enemies closer may just turn out to be more than good advice.

Genre(s): My usual is a mix of friendship/romance, more often than not there's a bit of everything else thrown in to make it interesting, fanfics

Writing strength(s): Grammar, spelling, general flow of words, descriptions, ?

Writing weakness(es): Sticking with a project all the way to it's end, ending a project in general, keeping things SHORT

Favorite theme(s): Being a strong-willed young woman, I like my characters to have that kind of attitude as well.  Usually they have to prove themselves, or go through tough situations.

Literary philosophy: Not quite sure what this means but... Books are your friend.  As is the English language.  Both should be a part of everyday life.

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